Every Drumtacs Package contains 5 Unique and Patented Ridiculously Sticky Polymer-Elastomeric pads. Completeley Re-positionable and Re-usable. Cleaned and applied as directed Drumtacs are hands down the longest lasting most effective Polymeric Pads in the industry. Not Just another Gel Knock-Off. Used as directed, they will stay without Buzzing, Flapping or Flying-off of Batter Heads, Bottom (reso) heads, Cymbals tops and Bottoms and inside, on top of and underneath Blocks, Bells, Shakers ...anything Percussive! Each Package contains 2 pads at 1.25" diameter, 2 pads at 1" diameter and one pad at 7/8" diameter. (31.75mm, 25.4mm and 22.25mm (+/-))

  • Battle Tested on Stage and in Studios Worldwide

  • Destroys Over-ring without Killing the Soul of the Sound

  • Improves Response, Attack and the Heavy Bottom Simultaneously

  • The most Advanced Poymeric Tonal Control System on the Planet

  • 100% Made and Sourced in the USA