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Toby Caffery 

Every so often a talent emerges as if from nowhere, armed with a depth of drumming that is simply stunning. Picking up his sticks at the early age of 11, influenced by the mighty Guns n Roses, Queen, Helmet and Mötley Crew, it was soon clear that the hard hitting and powerful beats had a lasting impression on his drumming style. Growing up in the small market town of UTTOXETER, nestled deep in the Midlands, UK, Toby very soon became the ‘go to’ drummer for many bands and built up a grand persona that he maintains to this day amongst fans, not too dissimilar to that of Keith Moon! Working hard during his drumming career to further his skills and build upon his solid foundation, Toby quickly escalated within the industry and graced the stage to play sold out shows with bands such as The Wildhearts and supporting other artists such as Editors, Kesier Cheifs, Reef, The Blackout, Everclear, Lit & Men Women & Children.


Toby is well known for his involvement with The Wildhearts, in which he drummed when required and drum tech’d on many UK tours and at Download Festival. He also performed in bands such as One Point Twenty One, Tobias, Ortega and more recently sessions for UK rock band Blame as well as playing in one of the most rumored bands in the UK, COLOUR THE EMPIRE. Not only has he perfected his craft live, Toby has successfully recorded in a number of top UK recording studios including bla bla bla and more recently Outhouse Studios and his drumming has been played on many UK national radio stations including BBC Radio 1 Rock Show, XFM and KERRANG! Radio.


Catch Toby Live with BLAME as they join U.S. Rockers LIT as support for their upcoming 15th Anniversary Tour in the UK starting this May …


Toby has remained influenced by the twin tom and bass drum set up and is an endorsed artist of SJC Custom Drums and Drumtacs USA.

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