Ryan Burdette / Justine Blazer

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Ryan Burdette was born and raised in Ashland,
Kentucky. His love for drumming started at
the age of two banging on his moms pots and
pans. He got his first drum kit when he was eight
years old, and he’s been a natural ever since.
Through years of dedication, Ryan has evolved
into an extremely talented musician with a passion
that is never ending.

He moved to Nashville in 2007 in hopes of
making his dream a reality. Since then he has
made his living as a full time professional musician
working both in the studio and performing
live on stage. During that time he has studied
under Jim Riley (drummer for Rascal Flatts), and
Rich Redmond (drummer for Jason Aldean)
while perfecting his style and technique.

Ryan 3
In 2011, he became a member of Mr. Holland’s
Opus organization raising money to support
music education. He has also donated his
time to perform for many cancer benefit concerts
for young children and adults around the U.S.
Today he tours with national recording artist
Justine Blazer. He plays 150+ shows a year
throughout the country from Michigan, Illinois,
Iowa, Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi,
Florida and everywhere in between. He performs
for thousands of fans every night. He recently
opened for Capitol recording artist Josh Thompson.
The tour also includes numerous live radio
and TV performances.

Ryan 2
In every city he plays Ryan is always a fan
favorite. He always takes the time to talk to each
and every fan. The fans love it when he gives
away his sticks at the end of the show and even
autographs it. His humble personality, confidence
and passion for the music is the winning
combination for a lifetime of success.
Drums / Percussion
Justine Blazer – Drums (2012)
Leo Castro – Drums (2012)
Josh Helms – Drums (2012)
Phillip Austin – Drums (2011)
Jon Webber – Drums (2011)
Brian Mullins – Drums (2011)
Chris Cagle – Drums (2011)
Mike Pruitt – Drums (2011)
Josh London – Drums (2011)
Erin Sylvester – Drums (2011)
Jerry Quinlin – Drums (2011)
Matt Dellrossi – Drums (2011)
Ryan Ross – Drums (2010-2011)
Crossroads Worship Team – (2010-2011)
Parish County – Drums (2007-2011)
David Hamilton – Drums (2009-2010)
Lindsey Davis – Drums (2009-2010)
Tara Arender – Drums (2009-2010)
Alicia Arnall – Drums (2008-2009)
Shawn Allen – Drums (2008-2009)
Nikki Cole – Drums (2007-2008)
Samantha Marshan – Drums (2007-2008)
John Micheal – Drums (2007-2008)
Troy Bullock – Drums (2007-2008)

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