Fort Knox Studios Chicago / Drumtacs Hang

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Attention Chicago Drummers , FOH , Studio Engineers and Percussionists alike ! 

Drumtacs will be taking over the Mighty Fort Knox Studios Wednesday March 25th with a FREE Demo and Hang with some Door Prizes and Giveaways from 6:30pm – 8:30pm !

Looking forward to getting Chicago Tac’d !

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Maryland , Massachusetts and New Jersey

Drumtacs Road Trip … ( March 3rd , 4th and 5th )

Starting in Maryland at the RAMS HEAD LIVE with Artist Vinnie Paul , Drum Tech PKing and the boys from HELLYEAH …





Followed by a Drumtacs Demo and Clinic by Alberto Netto in Beverly Massachusetts with Nate and Marissa at the Awesome Drum Shop North Shore …

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The Last Leg of the Tour will feature the 4 Tops with Artist Marcus Hunter and the Temptations with Atist Lance Lee and Uber tech Michelle Hamilton











Things are Rocking and Rolling and as always we thank all of you who have taken the steps to #AssumeControl

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Instagram Blowing Up #AssumeControl


Its Funny how things come in full circle …. first it was Facebook then Twitter and Now Instagram is allowing us to showcase every drummer that is joining the Drumtacs Team with Killer Pictures and point to point instant recognition … I’ll be the first to admit that answering direct questions has been somewhat of a challenege but I’m learning and getting better as our numbers grow …

For Now Everybody needs to :                                 Our Friendly Death to Gels Skull

Control1 Tac'd

Keep the Pictures coming and the Reposts and Thank You as always for becoming part of this Killer Family of Artists.

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DrumsmackTV with Thomas Lang & Sean Winchester



DrumsmackTV aired their first LIVE Broadcast in PrimeTime on last night with Host Jeff Sorenson and Co Host Brad Crowell …

JeffS BradC


Brad started things off with a quick shout out to Bucks County Drums and Chris Carr highlighting his newest Patent Pending Shells …

Bucks4 Bucks1


Liberty Devitto gave an awesome interview also at NAMM as only he can …


Special Guest Sean Winchester from Something Bot Metro and Everclear had a fantastic interview and kept things light with a few friendly Jabs at Jeff …


Artist Thomas Lang was interviewed at DW while at NAMM and threw out a Contest to “Name his Dog” for a pack of Drumtacs …



Catch the episode in its entirety here …

DrumsmackTV Episode 82 

The Drumtacs Train Keeps on Rolling … Thanks to all who are onboard #AssumeControl

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NAMM 2015 Wrap Up

Review Cover ModernDrummer1


NAMM 2015 could not have gone any better … The Proverbial being at the Right Place at the Right Time was happening all 4 days … My sincerest Thanks to Newest Partner and Artist Thomas Lang ( Pictured here with JC and Rich Redmond one of the original Drumtacs Artists ) who tirelessly introduced me to practically everyone at the show … Artists that have been with us since the beginning were there to offer support and New Artists and relationships were born at every turn …

SAndwhich Lang3

Newest Partner in Scorpio Marketing and Artist Jimmy Elcock ( With Luke Holland ) was with us every step of the way …



Everywhere we went we ran into the drumming elite and the up and coming drummers set to dethrone …

Matt2 Johnston Rachel Max Johhny Seven1

Looking forward to what the Future Brings and to all who have been with us as always we thank you #AssumeControl

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NAMM 2015 Anaheim California


It’s that Time Again … 

Loading up to head out to Sunny California … This will be our 3rd NAMM but the 1st time we will be able to freely talk about the Patent Pending Polymer with no repercussions and without our lawyers losing their minds worrying about lawsuits ! Ahhh Nice to say that …

Friday Jan 23rd we are having our informal Artist / Supporter Hang at the Slidebar … Open Invite !


We are excited to have the support of so many drummers all brought into the fold by Social Media and Word of Mouth …

With the March Modern Drummer Magazine 2015 review that should all change though and we will be adding Instructional Videos , Print Ads and proud to announce we will have 3 more Clinicians that will be promoting and endorsing in 2015 …


Mr. Thomas Lang


Mr. Daniel Glass





Mr. Larry Rodbell

All three have all joined the Drumtacs Team and we are honored to have them …


As a Thank You for all the Social Media Support we will Award the 1st Drummer to find JC and Post a Picture on Instagram, FB and Twitter each day of NAMM …




Cant tell you how excited we are for 2015 and thank you all !!


JC & Cristian 

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Daniel Glass / Royal Crown Revue



Daniel Glass is an award-winning drummer, author and educator. He is widely recognized as one of today’s foremost authorities on classic American drumming and a member of the pioneering group Royal Crown Revue.




I’m thrilled to announce that I have joined the Drumtacs family!

As a “gaffer tape traditionalist,” I must admit I a bit was skeptical of a new, “high tech” dampening mechanism. But after demoing these nifty little devices recently at the Drummers Collective, I spent a full month experimenting with my own gear. Drumtacs were super effective at allowing me to apply just the right amount of muffling to snares, toms, and (best of all) cymbals. Once applied, they do NOT FALL OFF, but they leave no residue when removed. Genius!


Thanks to JC Clifford and the rest of the cats at Drumtacs – I’m happy to be part of the family! See you all at NAMM!

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Dean Butterworth / Sugar Ray – Good Charlotte

Dean Butterworth has worked with a lot of great artist through out his career :
Good Charlotte, Morrissey, Buckcherry, Sugar Ray, Ben Harper, Hollywood Undead, John Lee Hooker, Nancy Sinatra, Luis Fonsi, Hillary Duff,  Adam Lambert,The Used, Goldfinger, Ben Lee,The Veronicas, Missy Higgins
Escape The Fate, Cute Is What we Aim For, The cab, Collin james, Gene Simmons, Kelly Price, Kevin Martin Candlebox, Patty Smith and many more.
Dean has also tour the globe many times over and is currently supporting a record with the 11 platinum selling rock  band Good Charlotte as well as splitting his time with the multi platinum band Sugar Ray.
He is also in the studio all the time in Los Angeles where he calls home,  working on record & T.V. and film sound tracks  like Wedding Crashers, Blindside and many more and the  VH1 hit  show Single Ladies and the Nickelodeon kids 
show Fresh Beats Band, Old Christine and many more…
Dean is also the band leader on the NBC hit show Hollywood Game Night … 


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Steven Pulley / Saving Abel


Despite having been born deaf in one ear, I knew at the very early age of 5 that I wanted to pursue the world of Drums. Via my step-father Gene Fitzgerald. Gene was a successful sessions player in the Memphis,Tn area back in the 60’s 70’s as well as live performer having performed and recorded with the likes of Jerry Lee Lewis,etc..It was Through Gene’s professional guidance that gave Me a quick head start into the world of drumming building that solid base for growth. I soon began to show signs of loyalty to the craft. I was the kid always walking around with a beat up pair of drumsticks in his back pocket. I’d often stop to tap on anything to get a sense of different tones,wrist development, a learning to hear with the use of only one ear..etc..I elected to further my music education during my Jr.high/High School years as a member of the schools music drumline,etc. I was even given the title “Drum Captain” by my music instructor for my senior year. Shortly after highschool, I began to get my feet wet within the West Tn area working with Several local/regional music groups, I began writing and performing on a regular basis and recording music and didn’t stop there. Over the next several years,I became a well known drummer within my west Tennessee area and had been offered Many drum positions with local bands for over a decade as a sought after drummer. I had corrective ear surgery at the age of 26 that initially allowed me to hear out of my deaf ear from birth for the very first time in my life. Having developed a different approach to hearing and music skills with the use of only one ear prob made me focus deeper than I would have before with the use of two?  I had gone on to write,record and perform at a professional level. One of my most memorable works was with tennessee group Trash the Brand, a 3 piece band thats noted to have their own sound known as swampabilly’ , a mixture of several different southern music styles combined into one. Trash the brand’s original music quickly began to gain great music reviews,label attention and can be listened to and purchased through


My professional music career launched to new highest as the Group trash the brand and SAVING ABEL shared the same management co. Silent Majority Group via Jeff Hanson( Creed,Sevendust,AlterBridge,Paramore,Tantric, Candlebox, etc…) news of the departure of Saving Abel’s drummer quickly opened up that position and the band and management offered Me the position and to begin touring immediately. I am the New drummer for Rock Band Saving Abel that gained Success with such Radio HITS as Addicted,18Days,Drowning(face down)The Sex Is Good,etc..I perform nightly all across the US/coast to coast  I have just completed recording for the NEW Album from Saving Abel due to release Nov.11th 2014.



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Rich Redmonds 2nd Annual Drummers Weekend


Coming up Oct 31st – Nov 2nd Drumtacs are proud to be co – sponsoring again this year Rich’s Drummers Weekend … Students are immersed in twenty-four hours of hands-on training not only with Rich but his guest teachers that include Liberty Devitto (Billy Joel, Slim Kings), Chris Fryar (Zac Brown Band), and Sean Paddock (Kenny Chesney). Other teachers include percussionist Billy Hawn (Colbie Callait), Ableton Live expert Ben Jackson (Frankie Ballard), and Bruce Springsteen/Max Weinberg drum tech Matt Payne, who will teach a tuning master class. Danny and Beth Gottlieb (Lt. Dan Band, Pat Metheny, Sessions), Jack Bruno (Tina Turner, Joe Cocker), and Jason Aldean’s III Kings rhythm section (Kurt Allison, Tully Kennedy, and myself) will be available for Q and A sessions.


One of the Highlights of this camp is the Closing concert at the famed Douglas Corner Café. This night allows students to play with recording artists like Shelly Fairchild in front of a paying Nashville audience.  All the proceeds from this event benefit the W.O. Smith School of Music in Nashville.

Looking forward to another Huge Event this year in Nashville !


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