Loved The Drumtacs!

Super adhesive (WAY more than MoonGels) so I have no fear at all about leaving these on the heads even when the drums are in cases in-route to the next gig or rehearsal. The extra “stickiness” allows me to use these on the batter OR resonant head, which is something I couldn’t do before with any confidence. Also, the foam (non-sticky) side doesn’t allow all the sawdust from my sticks to cling to the pad like MoonGels do and that keeps the appearance of my kit looking it’s best.

One DrumTac pad will drastically reduce overtones and sustain and two pads will stop it all together! Depending on the venue I play (or even whichever song I’m playing), I can easily adjust the projection of my kit just by adding or subtracting pads. Using these on cymbals is flat out the BOMB! Again, I can tweak the sound of my cymbals just by moving a pad around. What a great tuning tool!

Great Product!!

Curt Volpi

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