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Kayleigh Moyer gives the phrase “hit like a girl” a new meaning when she is behind a drum kit. “I’ve always loved to break down barriers of the stereotype that only boys can play drums. I love seeing the surprised look on peoples’ faces when I jump onstage and get behind a drum set.”

She has been trained to play a wide variety of styles (from jazz to pop, Latin to Americana, and country to rock), but it is her ability to play contemporary country music with a high level of energy and intensity that has made her an excellent candidate for new country artists. She is a new force to be reckoned with in the Nashville drumming scene.

Originally from Syracuse, NY, Kayleigh has a strong jazz drumming background that included her attending the competitive Skidmore Jazz Institute in the summer of 2010. She was also named the #1 high school jazz drum set player in New York State by auditioning and being selected to play in the New York Conference All-State Instrumental Jazz Ensemble her senior year of high school.

Kayleigh made the move to Nashville in 2011 to study commercial music at Belmont University. She was nominated for and was awarded the Freshman of the Year Award for the School of Music by the faculty, also receiving Sophomore of the Year honors the following year. She was also awarded the Percussive Arts Society scholarship dedicated to iconic Nashville drummer Larrie Londin, whom she admires for his impressive career as a country drummer. She hopes to follow in his steps.


Studio drumming is also something Kayleigh has developed a passion and skill for. She has kept busy by taking rock and country sessions in Ocean Way, RCA Studio B, Quonset Hut, Pat Holt Productions, and Benchmark. Due to the lack of female session drummers in Nashville, she has had to overcome some opposition from engineers and studio owners. One morning before a session she introduced herself to the head engineer/owner who remarked, “Oh, I thought you were someone’s girlfriend helping to carry cymbals.” Of course, this reaction only made her want to work harder and after the session was over the engineer apologized for his earlier remarks.

Kayleigh’s competitive nature and her passion for drumming brought her to Nashville and got her foot in the door. Her energetic performing personality as well as her feminine image makes her the perfect addition to any artist’s band in the contemporary country genre.


Kayleigh Moyer is setting a new pace for Nashville drummers and is the new “chick” to watch out for.

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