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We are excited to announce officially that Sleishman Drum Co.  based in Australia have officially opened the Drumtacs Australia wing of Scorpio Marketing & Distribution LLC representing the Drumtacs Brand and all subsequent products associated with Drumtacs that will be forthcoming …

Check out the Drumtacs Australia Facebook page for all up to the date information !

At Sleishman, we’ve been making drums with a forward thinking approach for over 35 years.  Hear our drums, and the results of this approach speak for themselves.  Understanding the needs of drummers allows you to create instruments that respond when needed, no matter what the situation. 

We also love it when we see a product come along that makes sense.  Drumtacs offer a great ‘on the go’ solution for drummers and see them benefiting in many ways.  Given that Sleishman drums are simple to tune and really do give a nice, natural note length (especially in our toms), we know that we’ve ‘put in’ to the drums, so they’ll perform brilliantly and with loads of note when you need.

We also understand that at times, drummers may want to control note length. Be it in the studio or live, sometimes you need a ‘quick fix’ when controlling drum resonance.  This can change dramatically room to room, venue to venue.  Drumtacs offer a no mess, no fuss solution when faced with drum control decisions. 

The fact that they can be on temporarily or permanently is just a massive plus.  Every drummer should keep a pack in their stick bag. ”                     


David Sleishman                                                                                                                                                                                                 info@sleishman.com




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