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Bryan Keeling (USA) is an international/touring and recording artist. He is currently touring/recording with Eric Sardinas and Big Motor (, as well as other artists. Bryan is endorsed with Gretsch Drums, Gibralter Hardware, Zildjian Cymbals and Sticks, Remo Drumheads , Drumtacs and QuikStix.

Bryan Keeling, originally born in Albuquerque, NM, grew up in Dallas, TX. He began playing drums at age 11. From there it was jazz bands, rock/progressive rock, marching band, and eventually graduating from Arts Magnet High School in downtown Dallas, Tx. He attended Beklee College of Music in Boston, MA on scholarship with a major in performance! A year later Bryan moved to Austin, TX for awhile before settling on Los Angeles in 2003. In L.A., Bryan quickly established himself in the studio scene by recording with Pink, Dionne Warwick, Macy Gray, Lucy Woodard, Jessie Colter, Damon Elliot, “Son of the Mask 2” movie soundtrack ,as well as “First Daughter” soundtrack (in which he also appears), a Waylon Jennings record called “Waylon Forever”, and all of Shooter Jenning’s records/videos/tv appearances up till 2010 (7 records in all)! Bryan has appeared on Conan O’Brien, Jay Leno, Craig Ferguson, Carson Daly, David Letterman and even played on “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” Season 8, entitled, “Bull”, in which they used a song he wrote (and recorded with Shooter Jennings on the CD, “The Wolf”) called, “Higher”! “Growing up, I started listening to everything my mom and brother listened to…which encompassed everything from The Carpenters to Elvis, Foghat, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Judas Priest, etc. By the time I hit 7th grade I was in the top Wind Ensemble on percussion in school, and in the jazz band in mid school. I started memorizing Permanent Waves and Moving Pictures from Rush after school, and learning Zeppelin. It was when I got to Dallas, mid 9th grade, that I got my musical landscape broadened significantly. I got into Frank Zappa,Jeff Beck, Gino Vanelli, Missing Persons, The Brecker Brothers (especially the album Heavy Metal Be-Bop with Terry Bozzio on drums), Tower of Power, Stanley Clark, Chick Corea, Allan Holdsworth, etc. I pretty much became obsessed with anything Vinnie Colaiuta, Terry Bozzio and Chad Wackerman played on. That led me all over the spectrum of music. In any case, I began transcribing the drum charts from albums like Joe’s Garage I, II and III as well as Allan Holdsworth, KIng Crimson and Tower of Power. I was fascinated with odd time signatures and polyrhythms as well. By the time I was in 10th grade I already knew I wanted to go to Berklee College of Music up in Boston, and went ahead and left my main highschool in 11th grade to audition for the Arts Magnet school in downtown Dallas. I got in and gradated high school from there and ended up getting a scholarship to Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. To make a long story short, I went to Boston for a year, moved to Austin, Tx. and played and recorded with about ten million bands before I finally moved to L.A. in 2002. From there my career took off.”
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  1. Travis Cooper says:

    ryan Keeling is as good as they get! Either behind his Kit bringing his thunderish beats or just being the most down to earth person that gives back to his fans that come out to hear him play.

  2. Debra says:


  3. Rocknwheeler/Adam says:

    Fkn awesome man! Can’t wait for you all to get back to the states & hit Sth Fl.!!! \m/

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