Unless he was practicing his rudiments in the womb, Alejandro Mercado‘s mother and father could not have imagined that their youngest son was destined to become one of rock’s premier drummers. Although born and raised on the tough streets of Chicago, Alejandro’s thirst for rhythm may well be genetic, given his Latin heritage. Thanks to an early introduction to drumming by an aunt who performed with a marching band, Alejandro’s thirst for percussion became an obsession by his sixth birthday. Fortunately, supportive parents encouraged their son’s passion for percussion, and official lessons from Greg Kulma and renowned Chicago native Paul Wertico (Pat Metheny Group) ensued. By the time Alejandro entered middle school, he had combined an interest in martial arts and gymnastics with his devotion to drumming, becoming a sought after drummer for many local bands, such as cover group “A Snapshot In Time,” metal/shred contingent “Slay Asylum,” party rockers “Snowblind” and experimental/progressive bevy “Sot-W.” Despite being the “go-to” drummer in Chicago, Alejandro yearned for more of a challenge by the time he graduated high school.
Hearing a voice in his head say “go west young man,” Alejandro set his sights high, auditioning for and being accepted by the highly acclaimed Musician’s Institute, in sunny California. As a student in M.I.’s accredited two-year degree program, Alejandro excelled beyond anyone’s expectations. Despite lackluster high school grades, Alejandro proudly proclaims that he “got the best grades of his life” at M.I. Then again, with teachers like Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper; Sixx: A.M.) and Jeff Bowders (George Lynch; Paul Gilbert), he was rapidly being welcomed into the world of professional recording artists.


In September of 2012, Alejandro auditioned for the Rocky Kramer Band. In addition to Rocky and several label executives, present for the audition was music industry alum Kim Richards (Pink Floyd; Queen; Renegade; Andy Gibb) who is producing Rocky’s upcoming “Firestorm” album. Richards says of Alejandro “I could see he was a great guy with a great smile and great personality, but I didn’t expect him to literally manhandle those drums the way he did. Alejandro is reminiscent of Bonzo himself, but there’s such humility there that I rarely see in this business.” Having worked with the likes of Nick Mason, Roger Taylor and Luis Cardenas, Richards went on to say “I knew he was the one from the moment he began moving air!”
Alejandro is a student of 70’s and 80’s music, holding Journey as his all-time favorite band, and counting Dean Castronovo, Steve Smith and Paul Wertico amongst his influences. Alejandro is a singer and songwriter as well, and when not keeping the beat for the Rocky Kramer Band, he actively performs with Street Beat and Rhythm Monks, and endorses KickPort and Drumtacs. Alejandro appears in the upcoming Paul Gervasi feature film, Cherri Future, aptly cast as the drummer in a rock band that struggles through adversity, ultimately realizing their dreams.


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Contact: Jerry Sifuentes, Office of Public Relations at (626) 330-0600 x8150 from Los Angeles, (646) 350-0009 x8150 from New York or via Email at:

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