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Red is one of Australia’s most entertaining and identifiable drummers, percussionists, teacher and clinician as well as being a former Guinness World Record holder. Red is recognized for his accomplishments in the rock and metal genres, but is proficient in various forms of percussion such as congas and cajon. Red is also one of Australia’s only professional exponents of the stand up cocktail drum kit on which he recorded his acoustic duo, The Jolene Theory’s, 2012 album “The Standing Room Diaries” which infused latin, reggae, jazz, blues, skiffle, rockabilly and bluegrass. Being one of Sydney’s busiest drummers, Red played over 300 gigs during 2012-2013 with various artists of differing styles all over the country, as well as conducting several drum clinics.


Red is best known as the former drummer of one of Australia’s biggest heavy metal bands, Segression. Red’s first album with the band, Smile (2000), is still one of the highest selling metal albums in Australia.  Red also recorded the album Never Dead in 2011, which debuted at Number 1 on the iTunes Metal charts (Australia) and remained there for 10 days. The video for the single, “Blood Lace Black Day” was voted #21 most popular music video for 2011.  During his tenure in Segression Red was voted Best Drummer for two consecutive years in a poll held by a high profile music magazine; he was also invited to play at the Ultimate Drummers Weekend in Melbourne, performing alongside Virgil Donati, Zoro and Dave Lombardo.  Red recorded in Johnny K’s (Disturbed, Sevendust) Groove Masters Studio in Chicago with Segression; and toured the United States and Australia with some of the world’s biggest heavy metal names such as Slipknot, Ozzy Osbourne, Pantera, Hatebreed, Shadows Fall, Fear Factory and Soulfly just to name a few.


Red has also been a popular hired gun, touring and/or recording with some of Australia’s most popular artists such as ARIA (Australian Record Industry Association) winners and pop/punk legends, 28 Days; The Voice finalist, Simon Meli’s former band, Sway; INK (with former members of Jerk – Johnathon Devoy, Leeno Dee and Charles Cilia); BB Steel (whose album was produced by Def Leppard’s Phil Collen); Dazychain (featuring Australia’s popular alternative artist, Avelina de Moray); one of Australia’s best up and coming death metal bands, Hell itself; and Icehouse frontman, Iva Davies. Red was initiated into the world of rock and roll in his late teens touring with Easybeats singer, Stevie Wright. The Easybeats were considered Australia’s answer to The Beatles and his tenure with Stevie was a definitive baptism of fire.

Red is a versatile drummer, having worked on various cruise liners, reading charts, and backing different artists every night.  He is often called to play tracks as a session drummer; he plays many different types of covers and percussion gigs; has a repertoire of over 300 songs he has learnt for his band karaoke residency; and also hosts a weekly all star jam night.  Red is a regular fill in for high profile or busy working bands, for example touring Australia with The Ultimate Bee Gees Show, learning the entire Bee Gees repertoire on short notice. In 2003, Red broke the Guinness Book of World Records for the Drum Marathon, drumming for 57 hours and 3 minutes at Billy Hyde Drumcraft in Sydney.  He also raised several thousand dollars for Canteen, a foundation for teenagers and their families who are living with and affected by cancer.

From a young age, Red has had a deep love for music as a form of inspiration and as a way to express his creativity.  As a 12 year old Red started his musical journey on classical guitar, winning several awards. One summer holiday Red discovered the Australian cult movie Street Hero, in which a wayward teen fighting adversity was saved by jumping behind a set of drums and letting his confused teenage angst speak through the beats.  This movie spoke volumes to Red who went out and purchased a set of drumsticks which he still has to this day. He has adopted that same attitude throughout his whole career, always trying to improve and inspire through his hard work ethic and love of playing, which has included passing on his knowledge to younger students as a respected drum and percussion teacher for over 20 years,

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