About Drumtacs

Drumtacs are releasable, reusable, super tacky sound control pads.  Used as directed, they will not flap, buzz, fly off or harm any percussive surface including: bottom heads, vertical heads, underneath cymbals, inside bells and blocks … even under heavy pounding and in extreme temperatures.

Not just a dampener!  Drumtacs are selective.  A single tac placed about an inch from the rim will remove only the high frequency overtone and leave a deeper focused sound with improved response and increased attack.  As the Tac is moved toward the center of the drum more frequencies are removed and dampening occurs.  Problem Drums with a nasty buzz or ring can often be tamed with drum tacs… try two!!!  One on the batter head and one on the resonant (bottom) head.

A single tac placed on the underside of a cymbal near the dome, will slightly darken and mellow the tone.  Placed on the edge, the Tac will heavily dampen the sound.  In between those two placements are endless sound control options.  Practice with decreased exposure to dangerous high frequencies and without expensive ugly cymbal covers that ruin the cymbal’s balance and feel of strike.

Care Information
Remove and discard release paper. Always use a clean, dry Tac on a clean, dry surface.  Press the tac firmly onto the surface with fingers.  Clean Tacs and surfaces with Rubbing Alcohol and allow to dry completely sticky side up.  Drumtacs may be cut with scissors for smaller footprint and effect.



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  1. Kirk Weber says:

    If used for maximum dampening, would these pads turn an acoustic kit into a fairly quiet practice kit, or are they mainly used for sound shaping? If you had to estimate what % reduction in volume they provide, what would that % be?

    • jc6611 says:

      Kirk … Excellent Question !!! YES ! Not sure on the actual DB Rated difference but we have some Artist that apply 2 or 3 to thier snares and toms to get that effect … You can also actually dampen Cymbals to a full choke point WITHOUT changing the feel of Strike at all by placing a Tac near the edge of the Cymbal … you can practice without the harmful frequencies and actually when on a live gig can tailor the tone and note lengths to the room without losing the natural tone of your KIT … No Dead Spots like tape/gel and when used on the resonant heads you can allow for less roll on your Floor Toms and still run the tops wide open for that spectacular BOOM … Thanks for reaching out #AssumeControl

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