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Walter Grier … Born a native of New York, Walter ‘Rock The Pocket’ Grier, began playing drums at the early age of six years old. His love of drums was displayed every Saturday morning when instead of doing his household chores, he would easily get distracted while listening to music. Coming from a family where his Grandfather and Grandmother were both music educators, his six uncles were musicians and instrumentalist, his 4 aunts were instrumentalist and singers, how can you not grow up to love music? His Uncle, Joe Grier, would record the chart topping do-wop song Desiree in 1957. With so much music in his blood Walter would grow up playing drums in the church at an early age. He would play for his high school jazz band and for many different church choirs and groups and would travel with them. He would then relocate to the Washington DC area in his early 20s, where he continued his passion for playing drums. Musicians would love to work with Walter because of his ability to play and keep his timing locked and in the pocket, thus he would gain the nickname “rock the pocket!”. His passion for Gospel music would lead him to play for many local Gospel groups such as, The Young Adult Choir (Washington, DC), The Harmonizers Quartet (WDC), The Chimes (WDC), The Chosen (Newport News, VA), Divine Worship (NYC), The New Generation Choir (NYC), The West Baltimore Adult Choir (Baltimore, MD), The Soulful Sounds (MD).


Walter has played for many churches in many cities throughout the United States. During his tenure Walter has had the privilege of playing at the prestigious Apollo in New York City, Radio City Music Hall in New York City, Madison Square Garden in New York City, The Kennedy Center in Washington DC, the Convention Center in Washington DC and the Hampton Coliseum in Hampton Virginia, and many many more venues. With his real deep passion for playing drums, his quiet and laid-back demeanor, Walter has never sought fortune or fame. Walter decided to pursue his drumming career on a full-time basis after incurring injuries during the 9/11 Terrorist Attack of The Pentagon in Arlington,VA. At the time of the attacks Walter was on duty where he worked as a Professional Firefighter for the Arlington County Fire Dept. Realizing that everyone should do what they dream of doing, Walter decided to live his dream.


Walter ‘Rock ThePocket’ Grier currently Endorses: Drumtacs , Soultone Cymbals , Mono Cases and Black Widow Drum Web.

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Artist Joshua “Chachi” Marunde / Pop Evil


Huge Props to Drumtacs Resident BadAss Chachi from Pop Evil …


Drummer of Pop Evil. Dreamer. Reader. Gentleman. Lover of Family, food, wine, craft beer, sports, travel, local business supporter, coffee drinker, perpetual grinder, iphone obsessed, mens fashion enthusiast, always eager to learn …

Born and raised in Constantine MI. Amazing supportive parents. Awesome little brother, who is my best friend. I grew up chasing a million dreams. My parents always told me I could do anything i set my mind to, so i tried to do it all. 5 sports, boy scouts, YIG, student council, band, jazz band… i went after it.
Picked up the drum sticks around age 20. I then realized this was what i wanted to do – here i am. grinding.


I love to promote and provoke positivity and change. inner growth, mental and physical health. and above all – encourage people to Dream Impossible.



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