Toby Caffery / Blame



Toby Caffery 

Every so often a talent emerges as if from nowhere, armed with a depth of drumming that is simply stunning. Picking up his sticks at the early age of 11, influenced by the mighty Guns n Roses, Queen, Helmet and Mötley Crew, it was soon clear that the hard hitting and powerful beats had a lasting impression on his drumming style. Growing up in the small market town of UTTOXETER, nestled deep in the Midlands, UK, Toby very soon became the ‘go to’ drummer for many bands and built up a grand persona that he maintains to this day amongst fans, not too dissimilar to that of Keith Moon! Working hard during his drumming career to further his skills and build upon his solid foundation, Toby quickly escalated within the industry and graced the stage to play sold out shows with bands such as The Wildhearts and supporting other artists such as Editors, Kesier Cheifs, Reef, The Blackout, Everclear, Lit & Men Women & Children.


Toby is well known for his involvement with The Wildhearts, in which he drummed when required and drum tech’d on many UK tours and at Download Festival. He also performed in bands such as One Point Twenty One, Tobias, Ortega and more recently sessions for UK rock band Blame as well as playing in one of the most rumored bands in the UK, COLOUR THE EMPIRE. Not only has he perfected his craft live, Toby has successfully recorded in a number of top UK recording studios including bla bla bla and more recently Outhouse Studios and his drumming has been played on many UK national radio stations including BBC Radio 1 Rock Show, XFM and KERRANG! Radio.


Catch Toby Live with BLAME as they join U.S. Rockers LIT as support for their upcoming 15th Anniversary Tour in the UK starting this May …


Toby has remained influenced by the twin tom and bass drum set up and is an endorsed artist of SJC Custom Drums and Drumtacs USA.

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May 1st Rich Redmonds Crash Course for Success


Thursday, May 1, 2014 from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM (PDT)

Roanoke, VA

May 1st … Get your Tickets NOW and come out for this Phenomenal Event presented by the Sean Deel Foundation !! … Scorpio Marketing & Distribution LLC is proud to be associated along with Josh Mighell , Drumtacs and some special guests ... Rich Redmond and his Rich Redmond’s CRASH Course For Success takes over in Hyatt Place Roanoke Airport/Valley View Mall benefiting the Sean Deel Foundation ! Seating is Limited to 75 people and will sell out fast at $5 a Ticket !!

Event Information and Tickets

Rich Redmond 4


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Chuck Treece / Mcrad



Chuck Treece, well-known for his work as a session musician and professional skateboarder, spent most of his life in Philadelphia. His credits include starting the 1980’s skate punk band, Mcrad, remixing songs for Amy Grant and Sting, playing the bass line on “The River of Dreams” by Billy Joel, filling in on drums at Pearl Jam concerts, and touring with Urge Overkill and the Bad Brains. In 2010, Chuck was awarded a Pew Fellowships in the Arts, a prestigious and well-deserved award for his work in music/arts.


Treece grew up in Newark, Delaware, where he attended John Dickinson High School, but moved to Philadelphia in 1982 because, according to Treece, “I was sick of high- school and I knew I wasn’t going to college. I knew I wanted to do music and skate.” Between 1982 and 1990, he was a professional skater with endorsements by several companies, including Santa Cruz Skateboards, Powell-Peralta and Airwalk sneakers. Treece released two albums with his band McRad, Absence of Sanity in the 1980s (rereleased 2001) and FDR in 2007. He also played guitar with New York Hardcore band Underdog and recorded on their 1989 LP “Vanishing Point”. In 1991, he also released a solo album on Caroline Records titled Dream’n. In 2008, Treece joined producer Chris DiBeneditto at Philadelphonic Studios to record the drum tracks for The Movement’s 2008 rock/reggae album Set Sail. Treece continues to skate at FDR Skatepark in Philadelphia, but now lives in Furlong, PA, a suburb outside of the city. Since June 2011, Treece has been focusing on the Team Spazzz project, while also touring to Europe and Brazil with McRad and Japan, with the BlkTop Project. Most recently, Chuck has been touring for The Lemonheads…

Chuck Treece 4

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Drumtacs Australia / Sleishman Drum Co.



We are excited to announce officially that Sleishman Drum Co.  based in Australia have officially opened the Drumtacs Australia wing of Scorpio Marketing & Distribution LLC representing the Drumtacs Brand and all subsequent products associated with Drumtacs that will be forthcoming …

Check out the Drumtacs Australia Facebook page for all up to the date information !

At Sleishman, we’ve been making drums with a forward thinking approach for over 35 years.  Hear our drums, and the results of this approach speak for themselves.  Understanding the needs of drummers allows you to create instruments that respond when needed, no matter what the situation. 

We also love it when we see a product come along that makes sense.  Drumtacs offer a great ‘on the go’ solution for drummers and see them benefiting in many ways.  Given that Sleishman drums are simple to tune and really do give a nice, natural note length (especially in our toms), we know that we’ve ‘put in’ to the drums, so they’ll perform brilliantly and with loads of note when you need.

We also understand that at times, drummers may want to control note length. Be it in the studio or live, sometimes you need a ‘quick fix’ when controlling drum resonance.  This can change dramatically room to room, venue to venue.  Drumtacs offer a no mess, no fuss solution when faced with drum control decisions. 

The fact that they can be on temporarily or permanently is just a massive plus.  Every drummer should keep a pack in their stick bag. ”                     


David Sleishman                                                                                                                                                                                       




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Drumtacs Australia

Proud to announce that Drumtacs are now available in Australia ! Stay Tuned for more information as things develop and for now check out their Facebook Page Here :

Drumtacs Australia

Brian Fields

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Ryan Burdette / Justine Blazer

Ryan 1

Ryan Burdette was born and raised in Ashland,
Kentucky. His love for drumming started at
the age of two banging on his moms pots and
pans. He got his first drum kit when he was eight
years old, and he’s been a natural ever since.
Through years of dedication, Ryan has evolved
into an extremely talented musician with a passion
that is never ending.

He moved to Nashville in 2007 in hopes of
making his dream a reality. Since then he has
made his living as a full time professional musician
working both in the studio and performing
live on stage. During that time he has studied
under Jim Riley (drummer for Rascal Flatts), and
Rich Redmond (drummer for Jason Aldean)
while perfecting his style and technique.

Ryan 3
In 2011, he became a member of Mr. Holland’s
Opus organization raising money to support
music education. He has also donated his
time to perform for many cancer benefit concerts
for young children and adults around the U.S.
Today he tours with national recording artist
Justine Blazer. He plays 150+ shows a year
throughout the country from Michigan, Illinois,
Iowa, Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi,
Florida and everywhere in between. He performs
for thousands of fans every night. He recently
opened for Capitol recording artist Josh Thompson.
The tour also includes numerous live radio
and TV performances.

Ryan 2
In every city he plays Ryan is always a fan
favorite. He always takes the time to talk to each
and every fan. The fans love it when he gives
away his sticks at the end of the show and even
autographs it. His humble personality, confidence
and passion for the music is the winning
combination for a lifetime of success.
Drums / Percussion
Justine Blazer – Drums (2012)
Leo Castro – Drums (2012)
Josh Helms – Drums (2012)
Phillip Austin – Drums (2011)
Jon Webber – Drums (2011)
Brian Mullins – Drums (2011)
Chris Cagle – Drums (2011)
Mike Pruitt – Drums (2011)
Josh London – Drums (2011)
Erin Sylvester – Drums (2011)
Jerry Quinlin – Drums (2011)
Matt Dellrossi – Drums (2011)
Ryan Ross – Drums (2010-2011)
Crossroads Worship Team – (2010-2011)
Parish County – Drums (2007-2011)
David Hamilton – Drums (2009-2010)
Lindsey Davis – Drums (2009-2010)
Tara Arender – Drums (2009-2010)
Alicia Arnall – Drums (2008-2009)
Shawn Allen – Drums (2008-2009)
Nikki Cole – Drums (2007-2008)
Samantha Marshan – Drums (2007-2008)
John Micheal – Drums (2007-2008)
Troy Bullock – Drums (2007-2008)

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Nick Adams / David Cook

Nick Adams 2

Nick Adams is an LA based touring and recording drummer who’s passion for music developed early, and has led him to work with an array of well known artists. Nick was the recipient of the esteemed Outstanding Player Award upon graduating from the Percussion Institute of Technology, for which his picture appeared in Modern Drummer Magazine. Since then, he has gone on to work with such artists as David CookAly and Aj MichalkaFifth HarmonyColby O’Donis, and Dariush Eghbali among others. He has performed live on American IdolThe Today Show, and KTLA. As a session player Nick has recorded with an assortment of notable producers including Jay Baumgardner (Seether, Drowning Pool), and JP Bowersock (The Strokes), and most recently played all drums and percussion on David Cook’s 3rd studio Album.

Nick bought his first drum kit at the age of fifteen, and began playing in bands in his hometown of San Diego. It was during this time that he honed his solid, groove based playing style which has carried him through a diverse and flourishing career in music. Nick is currently working as an independent musician in Los Angeles, and proudly endorses Paiste Cymbals, Drumtacs, and Innovative Percussion.


Nick Adams 4

Nick is currently touring with David Cook.

Standing Waist Up Sticks


Nick Adams 4

Social Media:
Twitter: @nickadamsdrums
Instagram: nickadamsdrums

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